Deer Management Plan

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Arran DMG has recently developed and endorsed a new Deer Management Plan, which is located below. The Plan will change and evolve as time progresses, and any commentary on this is welcome.  Any queries on the development of the plan are invited to either of the email addresses on the Contacts page.

The various components of the new Plan are listed here below. They include text documents as well as maps and databases. These documents were updated as part of the DMP review in 2021.

Main Documents

Background Information & Policies

Working Plan


  1. Arran DMG Location Map

2. Arran DMG Members map

3. Arran DMG Reporting Units Map

4. Arran DMG Management Objectives Map

5. Arran DMG Designated Sites map

6. Arran Designated Sites map- Whole Island

7. Arran DMG SSSI Condition Map

The Arran Moors site is now currently at Unfavourable condition, but as it covers much of the island and it is not known what locations this now refers to, no change has been made on the maps to denote this.

8. Arran DMG Landscape Map

9. Arran DMG Woodland Creation Map

10. Arran DMG Woodland Herbivore Impacts Map

10a. Arran Woodland Herbivore Impacts Map- Whole Island

11. Arran DMG Key Herbivore Impact areas Map

12. Arran DMG Spring 2016 Deer Count Density Map

12a Arran DMG Spring 2021 Deer Count Density Map

13. Arran DMG Deer- Vehicle- Collisions Map

14. Arran Habitat Monitoring Map

The following report is a summary of habitat monitoring that took place across part of the DMG in 2018 & 19.

2018/19 Arran DMG Habitat Monitoring Report


Appendix 3 Arran DMG Designated Sites

Appendix 4 Deer Cull data requirements

Appendix 5  2015-16 Deer Cull Summary  property

This appendix is Confidential to Group members only. Group wide data is available in Appendix 7, below.

Appendix 6 Monitoring of Designated Features

Appendix 7 Arran DMG Population Model

Appendix 8 Arran DMG Broad Habitat data.

Arran NWSS Summary data

Arran Woodland Creation & Management data